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Access to Sasebo
There is a network of railways by JR in Japan, but major cities and their suburbs have a well developed network of railways and trains including private lines (trains and railways of private companies), as well as the lines by JR. They are the most convenient means of transport as they are operated on time. By using the JAPAN RAIL PASS issued by JR companies, you can ride even on the arterial railroads Shinkansen that links the major cities speedily and the limited express trains, enabling you to move around Japan at a fixed price during your stay, it is perfect for journeys that require a lot of moving around.

Bus routes cover areas that are not serviced by railways. In most cases, the fare increased according to the distance traveled, but there are buses in urban areas that offer a flat-rate fare within certain bus routes. The last bus runs usually early between 21:00 and 22:00. The express bus that links the cities like the highway bus and the late night bus are also well developed. Although it may take longer to reach your destination compared to other means of transport, it is reasonable as the fares are cheap and you arrive at your destination while you sleep.

Bus Doko Navi Website:
Airplanes travel frequently between major cities and link the distance in a short time that may take hours on the railways. In Tokyo (Metropolitan area), Haneda Airport is the base airport for domestic routes. Japan's major airliners including JAL and ANA offer various discount services, and using such bargain tickets could save you a lot of money.

Bargain ticket Website:
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Although a boat journey is time consuming, it becomes cheaper than the airplane by traveling second class if you want to bring your own car to your destination or if you are traveling long distances from the mainland to Kyushu or Hokkaido.
Access to Sasebo
Air transport
Tokyo Nagasaki Airport Approx. 95min / 9 round trips / Day
Nagoya Nagasaki Airport Approx. 75min / 4 round trips / Day
Osaka Nagasaki Airport Approx. 65min / 8 round trips / Day
Kagoshima Nagasaki Airport Approx. 35min / 2 round trips / Day
Okinawa Nagasaki Airport Approx 95min / 1 round trip / Day
Sea transport
Nagasaki Airport→ (Ocean Liner) → Huis Ten Bosch (Sasebo City) Approx. 45min / 9 round trips per day
・Enquiries for the ocean liner: Yasuda Sangyo Kisen: TEL 0956-27-0163
Land transport (automobile)
Fukuoka →Kyushu Expressway → (Tosu JCT) Nagasaki Expressway → (Takeo JCT) Nishi Kyushu Expressway → Sasebo Minato IC, approx. 1hr. 30min.

Saga → Kyushu Expressway → (Tosu JCT) Nagasaki Expressway → (Takeo JCT) Nishi Kyushu Expressway→ Sasebo Minato IC, approx. 1hr.
Land transport (Bus)
Fukuoka (Hakata Stn.) → (Express Bus) → Sasebo Stn. , approx. 2hrs, 32 round trips / day
・Saihi Bus Express Bus Reservation Center…TEL: 0956-25-8900

Nagasaki (Nagasaki Stn.) → (Express Bus) → Sasebo Stn., approx. 1hr 30min, 26 round trips / day
・Saihi Bus Express Bus Reservation Center …TEL: 0956-25-8900

Nagasaki Airport → Sasebo Stn., approx. 1hr 30min, 18 round trips / day
Fukuoka (Hakata Stn.) → Limited Express Midori → Sasebo Stn. 1hr. 50min., 15 round trips / day
Nagasaki (Nagasaki Stn.) → Rapid Train Seaside Liner → Sasebo Stn., approx. 2hrs, 11 round trips / day
Nagasaki (Nagasaki Stn.) → Limited Express Siebold → Sasebo Stn., approx. 1hr. 25min, 2 round trips / day


21-1 Miuracho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki, 857-0863 (Inside JR Sasebo Stn.) TEL 0956-23-3369 FAX 0956-23-6750
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