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What is Sasebo like?
Sasebo City is Japan’s westernmost island and is located in the northwest of Kyushu and in the north of Nagasaki Prefecture. It has a population of approximately 250,000, and is the second largest city in Nagasaki Prefecture. It has a lot of mountain areas with two main mountains, Mt. Eboshi (568 meters) and Mt. Shokan (443 meters) near the coast that create a ria coastline with peninsulas and points. 208 islands of various sizes that span across approximately 25 kilometers from Sasebo Port to Hirato are the Saikai National Park, Kujuku Islands, and the outstanding beauty of the complex landscape created by the intricately laid out peninsulas and islands attracts many tourists.

The greatest feature of Sasebo City is its port. Sasebo Port which opened in 1889 was designated as the first post-war trading port in Western Japan, and the city’s main industry of shipbuilding flourished because of it. In 1952, the American Naval Base was established in Sasebo, and the city subsequently developed as the “Naval Base City”. Even to this day there are many places that have an American feel to them such as the hamburger shops, which are the relics of the post-war days, bars frequented by Americans and the streets with rows of red brick buildings.
Fishery is also active in Sasebo City that is blessed with the beautiful and bountiful sea. Fishery consists mainly of coastal fishing, and there are many fish, oyster and pearl farms in Kujuku Islands with calm sea. The output of farmed oysters is number one in the prefecture, and the oysters are shipped all over Japan as well as all the regions in Kyushu, and their quality is superb.

The pottery manufacturing industry mainly in Mikawachi district has also gained a reputation as the local industry with a proud tradition of 400 years.
Sasebo City in recent years has become popular as a resort town where many tourists visit from all over Japan and abroad as well as Kyushu. Its main tourist spots include the Saikai Pearl Sea Resort, which is central to the Saikai National Park Kujuku Islands district, and the waterfront resort Huis Ten Bosch, which is a reproduction of the streets of 17th century Holland.

There is a 6km long canal with boats in Huis Ten Bosch decked with flowers of each season, and it contains a wealth of various amusement establishments, a museum, hotels, shops and restaurants.
Meiji era    
19 1886 Proclamation of putting the third naval district Naval Station in Sasebo
22 1889 Sasebo Naval Station opens
23 1890 Ship Building Department is established in Sasebo Naval Station
31 1898 Kyushu railroad Sasebo branch line opens
35 1902 Sase Village newly established
    Sasebo Village becomes Sasebo City
    The first City Assembly member election held
37 1904 15 Aza in Hiu-Fukuishi-Men incorporated into Sasebo City
38 1905 Telephone service starts
39 1906 Electric lights introduced
40 1907 Aza are renamed Cho, results in 55 Chos and 8 Mens
41 1908 Waterworks starts
Taisho 1 1912 A big flood hits Sasebo, 3,400 houses damaged
    Gas supply service starts
7 1918 Sasebo Light Railroad Co. established
9 1920 Saihi automobile Co. established
    City-run Jippi (actual expenses) Clinic established
Showa 2 1927 City-run Transportation System starts
    Sase village and Hiu village incorporated into Sasebo city
13 1938 Ainoura-cho incorporated into Sasebo city
17 1942 Haiki-cho, Ohno-cho, Nakazato and Kaize villages incorporated into Sasebo city
20 1945 Japanese National Railway Matsuura Line opens
    Most part of downtown Sasebo burned down by air raid
    Sasebo Naval Station dissolved, population of Sasebo city reduces by half
21 1946 Kaijinkai Hospital becomes Sasebo Citizen Hospital
    Sasebo Senpaku Kogyo Co. (SSK) founded
22 1947 New style elementary & junior high schools start
    Nagasaki Prefecture Detachment Sasebo placed at Hirase-cho
23 1948 Sasebo harbor designated as trade port
    Sasebo Fire Station and Sasebo Police Station established
    Sasebo city-run Public Health Office established
    Japan Coast Guard Sasebo Detachment established
    A torrential rain causes 40 deaths
    Sasebo harbor designated as fuel terminal port
26 1951 Prefecture-run Sasebo Commercial Junior College founded
27 1952 Sasebo Board of Education established
29 1954 Yunoki village and Kuroshima village incorporated into Sasebo city
    Nagasaki Broadcasting Co. Sasebo radio station established
30 1955 Oriose village, Sakihario village and Egami village incorporated into Sasebo city
    A torrential rain causes slug piles collapse, results in 73 deaths
    Saikai Bridge completed
    Japanese Ground Self Defense Froce base placed at Ainoura
31 1956 Kawatani Dam completed
32 1957 Sasebo city starts National Health Insurance System
33 1958 Miya village incorporated into Sasebo city, results in 194 chos
    NHK Sasebo Television Station opens
36 1961 Ishidake-Kashimae sightseeing road completed
    Sasebo Subtropical Zone Zoo & Botanical Garden opens
37 1962 Sasebo Citizens' Hall completed
39 1964 East-Yamate road opens
    Nuclear-powered submarine makes a port visit for the first time
40 1965 New Cho, Jyuroshin-machi, established, results in 195 Chos
    Kujirase Wharf completed
41 1966 City-run wedding hall opens
    Route 35 Hiu bypass opens to traffic
    Yonkacho shopping street arcade completed
    Sasebocity and Albuquerque city, NX, become sister cities
42 1967 A torrential rain hits Sasebo, kills 29
    Japanese National Railways abolishes Yunoki line
43 1968 USS Enterprise, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, makes a port visit
    `Oleander' designated as Tree of the City
    Ainoura General Athletic Ground completed
44 1969 Old residence of Confucianist KUSUMOTO, Tanzan and Iwashita
    stone-age cave designated as prefectural hitoric site cultural assets
    Route 35 Haiki bypass opens to traffic
    Shimonohara Dam completed
    SSK bypass opens to traffic
    24th National Athletic Meet held in Sasebo
    4-hundred-thousand-ton dock completed in SSK
45 1970 Sasebo city cultural assets protection ordinance enacted
46 1971 National Sasebo General Advanced Vocational Training School established
    New Chos, Eboshi-cho and Oroshihon-mach, established, results in 197 Chos
    City-run track & field ground completed in the General Athletic Ground
    Honorary Citizen Merit is given to Mr. YAMANAKA, Tatsushiro
47 1972 Sasebo General Hospital opens
    Labor Welfare Center opens
    Traffic Park Center opens
    Yorozu Ferry Terminal building completed
48 1973 Sasebo Citizen Charter established
    Sasebo area wide-spread firefighting system starts
    Sasebo Planetarium opens
49 1974 Sasebo City Hall completed
50 1975 Holiday Emergency Clinic opens
    Job counceling room for the old established in City Hall
    New Kashimae road opens to traffic
51 1976 Delegation from Albuquerque visits Sasebo
    Japanese National Railways completes electrification of Sasebo & Nagasaki lines
    Northern Prefectural Hall completed
52 1977 Usogoe Non-burnable Garbage Disposal Center completed
    Garbage disposal center completed at Inari-cho
    Enaga flood control dam completed
    Sun Plaza shopping street arcade completed
    Kunimi toll road completed
53 1978 Sasebo Social Welfare Center completed
    Mikawachi china ware designated as National Traditional Craft
    Prefecture-run Sasebo Special Education School opens
    A part of the Nimitz park returned
    Sasebo city accepts nuclear-powered ship `Mutsu'
    Undersea water pipes to Asago & Takashima completed
54 1979 CP building area returned to Sasebo city from US Navy
    Multipurpose Athletic Square completed in Ainoura General Athletic Ground
    Haiki Eastern-Area Residents' Center opens
    Kashimae sightseeing terminal opens
    City Hall Haiki Detachment opens
55 1980 New Kashimae tunnel opens
    Children's Center opens at Inari-cho
    Mikawachi china ware wholesale complex completed
    Albuquerque bridge completed over Sasebo river
56 1981 Ohno Children's Center opens
    Sasebo Shinko Gym completed
    Eastern Area Residents' Athletic Square completed
    Field athletic facility `The Adventure Forest' completed
    Uragashira wharf first stage construction completed
57 1982 China ware inspection party from Keitokuchin, China, pays a courtesy visit
    Mikawachi China Ware Traditional Industry Hall completed
    Nuclear-powered ship `Mutsu' leaves Sasebo
    Sightseeing ship `Kaio' commissioned
    Delegation from Fukken province, China, pays a courtesy visit to Sasebo
    Sasebo harbor and San Diego harbor become sister harbors
58 1983 Welfare center for the old `Tsukumo-So' opens
    New schoolhouse of city-run Hirota elementary school completed
    USS Enterprise makes the second port visit to Sasebo
    Sasebo Athletic & Cultural Hall completed
    Sasebo Museum Shimanose Art Center opens
    Nuclear Ships Exhibition Hall opens
    USS Carl Vinson makes a port visit to Sasebo
    Sasebo city and Amoi city, China, become friendship cities
    Haiki-Seto Bridge completed
    New chos, Tenjin 1-chome, 2-chome, 3-chome, 4-chome, 5-chome, results in 207
59 1984 Takeo-Sasebo road first stage construction starts
60 1985 New Sasebo Bridge completed
    New chos, Setogoshi 1-chome, 2-chome, 3-chome, 4-chome, results in 211chos
61 1986 Uragashira Repatriation Memorial Peace Park completed
    West-Yamate upper road opens to traffic
    Delegation of Sasebo citizens visits Albuquerque in memory of 20th anniversary
    Delegation from Albuquerque, a sister city, visits Sasebo
    Sasebo city receives `Prime Minister Award' in Green City category awards
62 1987 Sasebo Marine Products Center newly opens at Ohgata-cho
    Sasebo Northern Area Community Center & Kasuga Children's Center opens
    Administration Documents Reading Corner opens in City Hall
    Heated swimming pool opens in Sasebo Park
    Sasebo Physically Disabled Persons Welfare Center opens
    New chos, Haiki 1-chome, 2-chome, 3-chome, results in 214 chos
    Sasebo City Information Disclosure Ordinance starts
63 1988 Third sector `Matsuura Railway' established
    Egami-Ohshima Bridge completed
    Sasebo city and Cuffs Harbor city, Australia, become sister cities
Heisei 1 1989 Sasebo city designated as International Exchange Promotion Town
    New chos, Hirota 1-chome, 3-chome, Gonjoji 1-chome, results in 216 chos
2 1990 New chos, Hirota 2-chome, 4-chome, Wakatake-dai, Seiwa-dai, results in 220 chos
3 1991 Sasebo city and Kujyu-cho, Oita prefecture, become sister cities
    New cho, Huis Ten Bosch cho, results in 221chos
    Ohsaki Park completed
4 1992 50th anniversary of incorporation ceremony held at Ohno, Haiki, Kaize, Nakazato
    `Hometown Creation' project starts
5 1993 `Sasebo Sports Village' opens in Eboshi mountain
    New cho, Mikawachi-shinmachi, results in 222 chos
    `Sasebo top' designated as Nagasaki Prefecture Traditional Craft
6 1994 New cho, Momijigaoka-cho, results in 223 chos
    City-run Sasebo Library newly opens
    Saikai Pearl Sea Resort opens
    Water supply is limited due to an abnormally less rainfall
7 1995 Railroad elevation construction starts around the Sasebo train station
8 1996 Senpukuji Cave excavated articles designated as National Important Cultural Property
    Hirota District Cummunity Center & Hirota Children's Center open
    Sasebo Vessel History Hall opens
    `World Flame Exposition' held in Arita, Mikawachi and Huis Ten Bosch
    Fureai (contact) Center opens at Hanazono-cho
    Delegation of Sasebo Citizens visits Albuquerque in memory of 30th anniversary
9 1997 Kozukadake tunnel opens
10 1998 A part of West Kyushu Road (Sasebo Minato - Sasebo Daito) opens
    Kuroshima Cathedral designated as National Important Cultural Property
    Saikai Pearl Line opens to traffic
14 2002 100th anniversary of Sasebo's becoming a city


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