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Kujuku Islands
Kujuku Islands consist of 208 islands spanning 25km from outside Sasebo Port to Hirado Seto, and the density of the islands are number one in Japan. It is designated as a national sea park along with Hirado Islands and Goto Islands.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-28-4187
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Huis Ten Bosch
The waterfront resort is a recreation of the streets of 17th century Holland in a vast 152 square meter plot. ■Inquiries: TEL 0956-27-0001
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Kenji Jojima Baseball Memorial Hall
Jojima who joined the American major league as the first Japanese catcher is Sasebo’s star baseball player. This museum is a must-see for fans and baseball fans.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-26-2203
For details
Shinsaikaibashi Bridge
The arch bridge across one of Japan's three stormiest currents in Hario Seto was opened in March, 2006. It runs parallel to Saikaibashi Bridge, which was built in 1955, and you can enjoy the view of the two arch bridges. The whirlpools of Seto and the cherry blossoms in the area are spectacular in the springtime.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-58-5050
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Mikawachi-yaki Pottery
Sasebo's own traditional pottery Mikawachi-yaki has a long history of producing high quality pottery from a kiln belonging to a local clan. The high level of its technique has been handed down to this day.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-30-8080
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Saruku City 4○3
The 1km long shopping arcade straddles across seven towns. You can enjoy shopping in an atmosphere filled with the vibes of Sasebo.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-24-4411
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Morning Market
Sasebo's famous Asaichi (Morning Market) is packed full of fresh seasonal ingredients from early in the morning. The “Seriichi” (auction) on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month in which the customer is the main character is also very popular.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-22-9890 (Until 9:00am)
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Sasebo Zoological and Tropical Botanical Garden
The zoo is on a hilltop with a view of Kujuku Islands. You can see 80 species of animals including elephants, giraffes and lions, and 1,200 species of plants.
■Inquiries: TEL 0956-28-0011
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21-1 Miuracho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki, 857-0863 (Inside JR Sasebo Stn.) TEL. 0956-23-3369 FAX. 0956-23-6750
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