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Shinsaikai Bridge
Hario Seto, one of Japan's three stormiest currents, is famous for its whirlpools created by the seawater from the expansive Omura Bay rushing through the narrow Seto during tides.

The second new bridge Shinsaikai Bridge has opened across this channel and is gaining popularity. This bridge is part of a toll road, but the footbridge built under the bridge can be accessed for free. From the footbridge, you can enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace, and also view the powerful whirlpools from the 60cm diameter windows made of tempered glass in the floor of the observation area set up in the middle.
The rate of whirlpools appearing increases particularly at springtime due to the great difference between the tides. You can also enjoy cherry blossom viewing at the same time, as the area of Saikai Bridge is famous for its magnificent cherry trees.
[Toll] Footbridge is free of charge

□Saikai Pearl Line (Egami-cho, Sasebo City - Komukae, Seihi-cho, Saikai City 5km)
Light vehicle ¥150, standard-sized car ¥200, medium-sized car ¥250, heavy vehicle ¥350, extra heavy vehicle ¥550
□Transport / Bus: From Sasebo Stn., 45min on Saihi Bus for Nagasaki and alight at Saikaibashi Higashiguchi


21-1 Miuracho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki, 857-0863 (Inside JR Sasebo Stn.) TEL. 0956-23-3369 FAX. 0956-23-6750
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